Western European Football Federation

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WEFF (Western European Football Federation) is a body that comprises of the Western European nations in football.

History[edit | edit source]

It was formed in October 1930 with a vote of the formation of the federation resulted in an 8-4 result for a federation. Joe Wickham who was the leader of the Irish FA abstain from the vote and withdrew from the federation before it was born. For the remaining twelve that stayed, they started to create the regional tournament, WEFF Championship which they did hope to start in 1931. But when they couldn't start up in time it was moved to 1933 to relate back to World Cup qualifying for the Western European teams.

The federation was one that started to deform when in 1936, Spain had to withdraw from the federation because of Civil War while the British teams were treated unfairly as they didn't compete in the 1937 edition. It would soon not exist as the Second World War ended the Western European Football Federation.

Members[edit | edit source]

Tournaments[edit | edit source]