Rowing at the 1904 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the III Olympiad
VenueSt. Louis
DatesJuly 30
Competitors44 from 2 nations

At the 1904 Summer Olympics, five rowing events were contested. The Olympics were held in St. Louis, United States, and all of the rowing competitors, save the Canadian men's eight, were from the United States. All competitions were held on Saturday, July 30, 1904.

It was the second appearance of the sport in Olympic competition. Coxless forms of the pairs and fours were introduced, replacing the coxed pairs and fours that had been used 4 years earlier. Sculling was expanded, with double sculls as well as singles.

Medal summary[edit | edit source]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single sculls  Frank Greer (USA)  James Juvenal (USA)  Constance Titus (USA)
Double sculls  John Mulcahy
and William Varley (USA)
 Jamie McLoughlin
and John Hoben (USA)
 Joseph Ravannack
and John Wells (USA)
Coxless pair  John Mulcahy
and William Varley (USA)
 Robert Farnan
and Joseph Ryan (USA)
 John Joachim
and Joseph Buerger (USA)
Coxless four  United States (USA)
Arthur Stockhoff
August Erker
George Dietz
Albert Nasse
 United States (USA)
Frederck Suerig
Martin Formanack
Charles Aman
Michael Begley
 United States (USA)
Gustav Voerg
John Freitag
Lou Heim
Frank Dummerth
Eight  United States (USA)
Frederick Cresser
Michael Gleason
Frank Schell
James Flanagan
Charles Armstrong
Harry Lott
Joseph Dempsey
John Exley
Louis Abell
 Canada (CAN)
Arthur Bailey
William Rice
George Reiffenstein
Phil Boyd
George Strange
William Wadsworth
Donald MacKenzie
Joseph Wright
Thomas Loudon
none awarded

Participating nations[edit | edit source]

A total of 44 rowers from two nations competed at the St. Louis Games:

Medal table[edit | edit source]

Only one of the 44 rowers, David Duffield, who competed did not win a medal. Duffield finished fourth in the single sculls event.

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 5 4 4 13
2  Canada 0 1 0 1

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