Nordic Football Championship

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Nordic Football Championship
Founded 1910
Region Scandinavia
Number of teams 3-4
Current champions  Sweden
Most successful team  Norway (9 titles)

The Nordic Football Championship is an international football competition contested by the men national teams of the Nordic region. The tournament was usually held around every two years with exceptions to that rule being placed every or so often.

History[edit | edit source]

The history of the tournament can be dated back to 1907, when during a meeting between the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish football federations decided on hosting a Nordic football tournament between the national teams as a way to see which Nordic team was the best. This tournament would later be called the Nordic Football Championship with the first tournament being held after the 1910 FIFA World Cup. The first championship was held in Kristiania and saw Olympic silver medalists, Denmark take out the title winning both of the matches.

After Kristina again hosted the 1912 edition, the tournament headed over to Stockholm for the next two tournaments in 1916 and 1918. During the 1916 edition, Finland entered the tournament for the first time with Denmark not being able to compete in 1916. By 1924, the Danish federation wanted to host the tournament, especially with the nation being neutral during the First World War.

Results[edit | edit source]

Year Host Winner Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
1910 Norway Kristiania  Denmark  Sweden  Norway Only three participants
1912 Norway Kristiania  Sweden  Denmark /  Norway Only three participants
1916 Sweden Stockholm  Sweden  Norway  Finland Only three participants
1918 Sweden Stockholm  Denmark  Sweden  Norway Only three participants
1924 Multiple  Norway  Finland  Sweden  Denmark
1925* Multiple  Sweden  Finland  Norway  Denmark
1927 Norway Oslo  Norway  Sweden  Finland Only three participants
1929 Multiple  Norway  Sweden  Finland  Denmark
1930 Norway Oslo  Norway  Denmark  Finland  Sweden
1932 Denmark Copenhagen  Denmark  Norway  Sweden  Finland
1934 Sweden Stockholm  Norway  Finland  Sweden  Denmark
1936 Denmark Copenhagen  Norway  Denmark  Sweden  Finland
1938 Norway Oslo  Denmark  Norway  Sweden  Finland
1946 Multiple  Norway  Denmark  Sweden Only three participants
1949 Denmark Copenhagen  Norway  Sweden  Finland  Denmark
1951 Multiple  Sweden  Norway  Denmark  Finland
1953-54 Multiple  Norway  Sweden  Denmark  Finland
1956 Multiple  Sweden  Norway  Denmark  Finland
1958 Finland Helsinki  Sweden  Denmark  Norway  Finland
1960 Sweden Stockholm
Sweden Gothenburg
 Sweden  Denmark  Norway  Finland
1962 Norway Oslo
Norway Bergen
 Sweden  Denmark  Finland  Norway
1964 Denmark Copenhagen
Denmark Odense

* World Cup qualifying

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