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The Mitropa Cup, officially called the La Coupe de l'Europe Centrale or Central European Cup, was one of the first international major European football cups for club sides.

History[edit | edit source]

The competition was formed in 1927, with the idea to bring the clubs into competing against the other teams that were in the region with the meeting being held in Venice on July 17. The first tournament which featured eight teams with two coming from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The format was a straight knock-out competition with the teams from the same league not being able to be drawn against each other.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Year Winners Score Runners-up
1927 Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague 6–3 Agg. Hungary Ferencvárosi TC
1928 Hungary Ferencvárosi TC 10–4 Agg. Kingdom of Yugoslavia Građanski Zagreb
1929 Hungary Újpest FC 6–5 Agg. Hungary MTK Hungária FC
1930 Italy Inter Milan 4-2 Agg. Austria Rapid Wien
1931 Austria First Wien 5-3 Agg. Italy Juventus
1932 Italy FC Bologna
1933 Austria Austria Wien 4-3 Agg. Italy Inter Milan
1934 Italy Inter Milan 6-0 Agg. Kingdom of Yugoslavia BSK Belgrade
1935 Hungary Ferencváros 4-2 Agg. Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
1936 Austria Austria Wien 1-0 Agg. Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
1937 Hungary Ferencvros 9-6 Agg. Italy Lazio Roma
1938 Czechoslovakia Slavia Prague 4-2 Agg. Hungary Ferencvaros
1939 Hungary Ujpest FC 6-3 Agg. Hungary Ferencvaros
1940 Romania Rapid Bucarest
1948 Hungary Budapest Honvéd 5-4 Agg. Italy Torino
1950 Hungary Budapest Honvéd 6-2 Agg. Austria Rapid Wien
1951 Italy Milan 5-3 Austria Admira Wien
1955 Hungary Vörös Lobogó 8-1 Agg. Czechoslovakia UDA Praha
1956 Hungary Vasas SC 9-2 Austria Rapid Wien
1957 Hungary Vasas SC 5-2 Agg. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vojvodina
1958 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star 7-3 Agg. Czechoslovakia Rudá Hvězda Cheb
1959 Hungary Budapest Honvéd 6-5 Agg. Hungary MTK Budapest
1961 Italy FC Bologna 5-2 Agg. Czechoslovakia Slovan Nitra
1962 Hungary Újpest FC 3-1 Agg. Hungary MTK Budapest
1963 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia FK Vojvodina 3-1 Agg. Austria Austria Wien

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