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Welcome to the Alternate Sport History Wiki,
an alternate sports world that anyone can edit.
We currently have 641 articles.

About This Wiki

Alternate Sport History is a wiki that was initially based off a thread on under the name of An Earlier World Cup of Football with the simple point of difference being what if it was a earlier World Cup. With a contributing Wiki on the Althistory Wikia, the original thread would die in 1938. But the timeline laid dorment until I picked it back up and expanded to include all sports in the timeline. From there, I have expanded with different PODs from other sports and hopefully expand the timeline onwards until hopefully the modern day.

Wiki News

July 25, 2023: 600 pages has been reached with creation of the 1961 Intercontinental Cup.
January 1, 2023: Happy New Year for 2023.
December 9, 2022: 500 pages have now been hit with the 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification (EFU) page.
March 12, 2022: Got the computer to work but still probably be safe to not have the live tournament finals.
March 5, 2022: Live tournament is currently on hold for now due to computer dying.

Helping out the server

So if you want to be contribute towards this timeline, you can send me a message via my talk page with what area you want to work with. There is the reminder that the timeline currently only goes up to the end of 1963 so try and keep that in mind when you are doing updates.

Current News

December 28, 1963: Jim Clark wins the 1963 South African Grand Prix.
December 17, 1963: The 1963–64 European Cup first round is complete.
December 8, 1963: The 1963 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships is held in Budapest.
December 4, 1963: Abdelfattah Abou Taleb wins the 1964 Men's British Squash Open.
December 2, 1963: Taiwan takes the 1963 ABC Championship after defeating the Philippines in the final match of the championship round.
For a list of archived news you can go here.