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The Luxembourg National Division is the highest football league in Luxembourg. It has been the highest league since it was created in 1910 and has been played every year with the exception of 1913 and the Second World War. The competition was called Championnat Luxembourgeois until 1913–14. 

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

The first few seasons ain't known but it was said that they had a final group of four between 1910-11 up to 1915-16 were an expansion of the league to six teams which played over ten rounds. Throughout the early 1910s, Racing Club Luxembourg and Sporting Club Luxembourg won the title on three occasions before US Hollerich Bonnevoie became the first Luxembourg team to complete an unbeaten season winning the 1916–17 title by nine points over second-place CS Fola Esch.

The start of new decade saw Stade Dudelange, Jeunesse Esch and CS Fola Esch (after coming second three times) each claiming their first Luxembourg titles. The competition though was kept very tight during that time as Stade Dudelange eventually broke through the different winners cycle to take out the 1923 title over FA Red Boys Differdange. In 1925, CA Spora Luxembourg took out the title by one point over Stade Dudelange in the final match of that particular season. The following season they would defend their title before finishing fifth in the 1927 season while Union Luxembourg claimed their first title. CS Fola Esch and CA Spora Luxembourg would win consecutive titles in 1928 and 1929 with Spora Luxembourg winning 1933 and 1934. The last two seasons before the war would be won by Stade Dudelange as they won by 4 and 7 points respectively.

After the war[edit | edit source]

After the second World War cause the competition to not exist for four years, the Luxembourg National Division came back in 1944 with a six team knockout competition. Though it was the same result with Stade Dudelange getting back to what they did best. Taking out titles, as they would win the first four titles after the war. It wouldn't be until 1949 where a new champion was crowned with Sporta Luxemcourg taking out their sixth title. During the time of different champions though, National Schifflange couldn't break through as they finished runner-up in three straight seasons before falling off their chance of getting a title. The following year in 1953, FC Progrès Niedercorn secured their first title in twenty years before finishing second in 1955 and 1956. They would finish ahead of Jeunesse Esch who would win the following year.

The late 50s would see Jeunesse Esch would go to win three titles in a row before 1961 saw the team miss their fourth title in a row by a single point from CA Spora Luxembourg.

Winners[edit | edit source]

Year Champions Runners-up
1909–10 Racing Club Luxembourg US Hollerich
1910–11 Sporting Club Luxembourg Sporting Club Differdange
1911–12 Sporting Club Luxembourg (2) US Hollerich
1913–14 Racing Club Luxembourg (2) US Hollerich
1914–15 Racing Club Luxembourg (3) Jeunesse Esch
1915–16 Sporting Club Luxembourg (3) US Hollerich
1916–17 US Hollerich CS Fola Esch
1917–18 US Hollerich (2) CS Fola Esch
1918–19 Sporting Club Luxembourg (4) Jeunesse Esch
1919–20 Stade Dudelange CS Fola Esch
1920–21 Jeunesse Esch Union Luxembourg
1921-22 CS Fola Esch Union Luxembourg
1922–23 Stade Dudelange (2) FA Red Boys Differdange
1923–24 CS Fola Esch (2) CA Spora Luxembourg
1924–25 CA Spora Luxembourg Stade Dudelange
1925–26 CA Spora Luxembourg (2) FA Red Boys Differdange
1926–27 Union Luxembourg FA Red Boys Differdange
1927–28 CA Spora Luxembourg (3) FC Red Black Pfaffenthal
1928–29 CS Fola Esch (3) FA Red Boys Differdange
1929–30 CS Fola Esch (4) CA Spora Luxembourg
1930–31 FA Red Boys Differdange CA Spora Luxembourg
1931–32 FC Progrès Niedercorn FA Red Boys Differdange
1932–33 FA Red Boys Differdange (2) FC Progrès Niedercorn
1933–34 CA Spora Luxembourg (4) FA Red Boys Differdange
1934–35 CA Spora Luxembourg (5) FA Red Boys Differdange
1935–36 Jeunesse Esch (2) CA Spora Luxembourg
1936–37 US Dudelange Jeunesse Esch
1937–38 Jeunesse Esch (3) CA Spora Luxembourg
1938–39 Stade Dudelange (3) US Dudelange
1939–40 Stade Dudelange (4) US Dudelange
1944–45 Stade Dudelange (5) National Schifflange
1945–46 Stade Dudelange (6) FC Progrès Niedercorn
1946–47 Stade Dudelange (7) US Dudelange
1947–48 Stade Dudelange (8) FC Progrès Niedercorn
1948–49 CA Spora Luxembourg (6) FA Red Boys Differdange
1949–50 Stade Dudelange (9) National Schifflange
1950–51 Jeunesse Esch (4) National Schifflange
1951–52 CA Spora Luxembourg (7) National Schifflange
1952–53 FC Progrès Niedercorn (2) Jeunesse Esch
1953–54 Jeunesse Esch (5) CS Fola Esch
1954–55 Stade Dudelange (10) FC Progrès Niedercorn
1955–56 CA Spora Luxembourg (8) FC Progrès Niedercorn
1956–57 Stade Dudelange (11) Jeunesse Esch
1957–58 Jeunesse Esch (6) FA Red Boys Differdange
1958–59 Jeunesse Esch (7) Stade Dudelange
1959–60 Jeunesse Esch (8) Stade Dudelange
1960–61 CA Spora Luxembourg (9) Jeunesse Esch

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