Irish League

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Irish League
Founded 1890
Country Great Britain
Confederation EFU
Level on pyramid 2
Domestic cup(s) Irish Cup

Irish League is the national tournament that was the top league in Northern Ireland. The league which was founded in 1890, is the second oldest in the world after the The Football League over in England. The league was the top league in Northern Ireland from the formation up until the 1958 when the British Football League was founded which covered the whole of the Great Britain.

History[edit | edit source]

Note: It's the same history until 1904.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Note: Same champions until 1904.

Season Senior champions
(number of senior titles)
Runners-up Third
1903–04 Linfield (7) Distillery Glentoran
1904–05 Linfield (8) Glentoran Belfast Celtic
1905–06 Belfast Celtic (2) Cliftonville Linfield
1906–07 Linfield (9) Shelbourne Distillery
1907–08 Linfield (10) Distillery Cliftonville
1908–09 Shelbourne (1) Linfield Glentoran
1909–10 Cliftonville (1) Belfast Celtic Linfield
1910–11 Linfield (11) Glentoran Derry Celtic
1911–12 Distillery (5) Glentoran Belfast Celtic
1912–13 Glenavon (1) Distillery Glentoran
1913–14 Linfield (12) Glentoran Glenavon
1914–15 Glentoran (3) Belfast Celtic Distillery
1919–20 Belfast Celtic (3) Glentoran Distillery

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