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These are the guidelines for the Alternate Sport History timeline that is on this wiki.

Canon and Non-Canon

The timeline originally did start out on the website called with the first post being on April 19, 2014, with the introduction post. That would soon be followed by the first wiki version of the timeline on June 3, 2014, under the same name and has grown to be over 600+ articles in length. Soon enough, this version of the timeline would be created on May 21, 2017 and has since become the main source for the wiki and has been expanded to include other sports in the world.


The following page is a proposal.

It has not been ratified and is therefore not currently part of the timeline. You are welcome to correct any errors and/or comment on the talk page. If you add this template to an article, please don't forget to mention this proposal on the main discussion page.

</noinclude> When a new page is created, it will first go as a proposal to start with. Tagging the article as a proposal means that the article is not confirmed into the canon of this universe. Once it seems to be ok and ready, that proposal will be removed and be put into the timeline. If it's not then it will stay as a proposal with a message explaining what might be needed to worked on.


For me I am fine with the article if it's something that would make sense in the timeline with reason and not something completely out of the blue.

Time Frame

The current year in this timeline at the moment is 1964 which means anything between the Point of Difference (1904) to 1963 is in play at this time. Of course, it will be moved as time passes in this timeline so that you will be able to add new stuff into that timeline.