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The Gossage Cup is the oldest international cup-based in Africa with the first tournament being played in 1926 between Kenya and Uganda. Since then the tournament has been expanded to four teams with Tanganyika and Zanzibar joining the competition.

History[edit | edit source]

The first tournament was played in 1926 as a one-leg match between the colonial teams of Kenya and Uganda which was played in Kenya. The match ended in a tie with Kenya winning the replay a week later by the score of 2-1. It wouldn't be until 1929 that Uganda would take the trophy for the first time with the national team winning at their home ground. Competing against each other, it wouldn't be until 1945 where the competition would expand to three teams with the introduction of the Tanganyika team (now known as Tanzania). It would only take them three years with Tanganyika defeating Uganda in 1947 to break that hold. This was also the same year that Zanzibar would enter the competition for the first time.

Winners[edit | edit source]

List of Gossage Cup winners
Year Winners Runners-up
1926  Kenya  Uganda
1927  Kenya  Uganda
1928  Kenya  Uganda
1929  Uganda  Kenya
1930  Kenya  Uganda
1931  Kenya  Uganda
1932  Kenya  Uganda
1933  Uganda  Kenya
1934  Uganda  Kenya
1935  Uganda  Kenya
1936  Uganda  Kenya
1937  Uganda  Kenya
1938  Kenya  Uganda
1939  Uganda  Kenya
1940  Uganda  Kenya
1941  Kenya  Uganda
1942  Kenya  Uganda
1943  Kenya  Uganda
1944  Kenya  Uganda
1945  Uganda  Kenya
1946  Kenya  Uganda
1947  Tanganyika  Uganda
1948  Uganda  Kenya
1949  Tanganyika  Kenya
1950  Uganda  Kenya
1951  Tanganyika  Kenya
1952  Uganda  Kenya
1953  Kenya  Uganda
1954  Kenya  Uganda
1955  Tanganyika  Uganda
1956  Uganda  Kenya
1957  Uganda  Kenya
1960  Kenya  Tanganyika
1962  Kenya  Tanganyika

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