Football at the 1964 Summer Olympics

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Football at the 1964 Summer Olympics
Tournament details
Host country Australia
Dates October 10-24
Teams 16 (from 5 confederations)

The association football tournament at the 1964 Summer Olympics will be played throughout Australia between October 10 to 24. The tournament will feature sixteen teams competing in four groups of four with only the top team qualifying through to the knockout stage.

Qualification[edit | edit source]

Main article: Football at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Qualification

The following teams qualified through to the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Group Stage[edit | edit source]

Group A[edit | edit source]

Group B[edit | edit source]

Group C[edit | edit source]

Group D[edit | edit source]

Knockout Stage[edit | edit source]

Bracket[edit | edit source]

Semi-finals[edit | edit source]

Bronze medal match[edit | edit source]

Gold medal match[edit | edit source]

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