Football at the 1958 Asian Games

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at the 1958 Asian Games
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Football at the 1958 Asian Games was held in Tokyo, South Japan from 24 May to 1 June 1958. In the tournament, there were 14 teams that entered the competition with the format being switched to a knockout format that had been popular at the Olympics. This would be the only time that the format would be used as it would go back to the group format in 1962.

In the gold medal match, it was Indonesia who would take out the gold medal as they defeated South Vietnam 2-0 in the final.

Results[edit | edit source]

First Round[edit | edit source]

May 25
Burma  2–1  Singapore

May 26
Hong Kong  5–0  Philippines

May 26
Pakistan  0–2  South Vietnam

May 27
South Japan  4–0  Iran

May 27
Israel  3–1  Malaya

Quarter Finals[edit | edit source]

May 28
Burma  3–1  India

May 29
Indonesia  4–0  Israel

May 29
Korea  2–3 (a.e.t.)  South Japan

Semi Finals[edit | edit source]

May 31
South Japan  0–3  South Vietnam

May 31
Indonesia  3–2  Burma

Bronze Medal Match[edit | edit source]

June 1
South Japan  2–0  Burma

Gold Medal Match[edit | edit source]

June 1
South Vietnam  0–2  Indonesia
Ramang Goal 36'
Sunaryo Goal 85'

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