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The European Games is a continental multi-sport event in the Olympic tradition contested by athletes from European nations and several transcontinental countries. The Games were envisioned and are governed by the European Olympic Committees (EOC).Created by the idea of François Herzog and West German and Swiss Olympic Committees, they act as European championships for certain disciplines.

History[edit | edit source]

Launched in 1959 by Frenchman Maurice Herzog, then Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, the idea was then supported by Germany and Switzerland. This concordance of views will lead to a proposal for organization in the Rhine region. Of all the regional areas, only Europe therefore remained devoid of Regional Games. However, the project has existed for a long time. In 1960, an initiative of the Soviet National Olympic Committee (NOC) see the adoption by 14 NOCs meeting in Rome sees the adoption of a resolution to this effect. An agreement is reached, Moscow will host the first games in August 1962 and Essen (West Germany) the next ones which must take place in 1966.

The first edition is dominated by the Soviet Union, hosting nation obtains a total of 83 medals including 37 golds medals, the main competitors in the medal table was Great Britain (10 golds),the surprising Netherlands and Hungary (9 golds), although East Germany and Italy won more medals. This edition is a disappointment for West Germany, Sweden and Finland who used to perform in registered sports. Among the significant events, we will retain the first european Field Hockey championship won by Great Britain who wins all matches against his 5 opponents (Spain, West Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland) by at least 3 goals difference and the duels in the finals between Turkishs and Bulgarians wrestlers.

During a committee meeting in January 1964, it was announced that Vienna would be the host city of the 1970 games, being the last candidate city following the withdrawal of Gdansk and Bucharest. The same day the West German committee announced the creation of a handball tournament as well as the possibility of other cities in Noth-Rhine Westphalia hosting events (Duisburg, Dortmund...).

List of Sports[edit | edit source]

Confirmed sports at inaugural edition

Discipline bringing together their European championship at the European Games:

  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Field Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Water-polo
  • Wrestling

Discipline designating a winner of the European Games:

  • Archery
  • Cycling
  • Fencing
  • Shooting

Edition[edit | edit source]

Year Games Host City Host Country Dates Nations Events Top medalling
1962 I Moscow Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union 17–26 August 31 121 Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union
1966 II Essen Flag of West Germany West Germany 11-21 August
1970 III Vienna Flag of Austria Austria 31 July-9 August

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