European Athletics Championships

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European Athletics Championships
Status active
Genre sports event
Frequency biennial
Location(s) various
Inaugurated 1934
Most recent 1962
Organised by European Athletic Association

The European Athletics Championships is an athletics event organised by the European Athletics Association. First held in 1934 in Helsinki, the Championships have taken place every four years, with a few exceptions.

History[edit | edit source]

The first edition of the European Athletics Championship was held as a male only event that was held at Helsinki with the Olympiastadion being the venue. Following another edition for the 1938 edition which saw both the men's and women's events being at separate venues and a break during World War II, the championships was held as a combined event which was held at one venue starting from 1946.

At the 1962 event, it became a part of the European Games which would bring multiple sports into the same country. That first edition saw the Soviet Union take home the most gold medals of the event.

Editions[edit | edit source]

Edition Year Host City Host Country Date Venue Events Nations Athletes Champions
1 1934 Helsinki Flag of Finland Finland 7–9 September Olympiastadion 22 23 226 Flag of Finland Finland
2 1938 Paris Flag of France France 3–5 September Stade Olympique de Colombes 23 23 272 Flag of Germany Germany
1938 Vienna Flag of Germany Germany 17–18 September Praterstadion 9 14 80
3 1946 Stockholm Flag of Sweden Sweden 22–25 August Stockholms Olympiastadion 33 20 353 Flag of Sweden Sweden
4 1950 Brussels Flag of Belgium Belgium 23–27 August Heysel Stadium 34 24 454 Flag of United Kingdom Great Britain
5 1954 Bern Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 25–29 August Stadion Neufeld 35 28 686 Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union
6 1958 Turin Flag of Italy Italy 19–24 August Stadio Comunale 36 27 626
7 1962 Moscow Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union 21–26 August Lenin Central Stadium 36 30 670
8 1966 Essen Flag of West Germany West Germany 15-21 August Georg-Melches-Stadion

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