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This page is a summary of the EFU European Championship, the process that EFU-affiliated national football teams go through in order to qualify for the EFU European Championship.

In this article, the years represent the final tournaments of the European Championship, and are not meant to correspond to the actual dates when the qualification matches were played.

Format evolution[edit | edit source]

Number of teams entering qualification
Total entrants[lower-alpha 1] 21 25 30
Played at least one match[lower-alpha 1]
Qualified through qualification 4 4 4
Qualified automatically 0 0 0
Total finalists 4 4 4
  1. 1.0 1.1 Data is about qualifications only (automatic qualifiers are not counted).

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

All national teams that are members of EFU are eligible to enter the qualification for the European Championship. A total of 31 distinct entities have made attempts to qualify for the European Championship. Of those, 30 are still active in the competition.

Year Debuting teams Successor teams Renamed teams
Teams No. CT
1956  Austria,  Belgium,  Brittany,  Bulgaria,  Czechoslovakia,  Denmark,  Finland,  France,  Great Britain,  Hungary,  Luxembourg,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Portugal,  Republic of Ireland,  Romania,  Saar,  Sweden,   Switzerland,  Turkey,  Yugoslavia 21 21
1960  East Germany,  Greece,  Italy,  Poland,  Soviet Union,  Spain 6 27
1964  Albania,  Iceland,  Malta,  West Germany 4 31

Overview[edit | edit source]

Team 1956 1960 1964
 Albania pr
 Austria r16 pr pr
 Belgium pr r16 pr
 Brittany pr pr pr
 Bulgaria QF QF r16
 Czechoslovakia QF QW QW
 Denmark r16 pr
 East Germany QF pr
 Finland r16 r16 pr
 France QW QW
 Great Britain r16 QF r16
 Greece pr pr
 Hungary QF QF QF
 Iceland pr
 Italy pr r16
 Luxembourg pr pr pr
 Malta pr
 Netherlands QF r16 QF
 Norway r16 pr r16
 Poland r16 pr
 Portugal r16 pr r16
 Republic of Ireland r16 pr pr
 Romania QW QW pr
 Saar pr
 Soviet Union QW QF
 Spain r16 QW
 Sweden r16 r16 r16
  Switzerland pr r16 r16
 Turkey QW r16 pr
 West Germany QW
 Yugoslavia QW r16
Team 1956 1960 1964

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