British Home Championship

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British Home Championship
Founded 1884
Abolished 1948
Region Great Britain
Number of teams 4
Last champions  England
Most successful team  Scotland (14)

The British Home Championship was a football tournament that occurred from 1884 to 1948 between the four home nations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

List of winners[edit | edit source]

Same as OTL, until the 1903-04 season

Year Champions Second Third Fourth
1903-04  England  Ireland  Scotland  Wales
1904-05  England  Wales  Ireland  Scotland
1905-06  Scotland /  Wales  Ireland  England
1906-07  England  Wales  Scotland
1907-08  England  Scotland  Wales
1908-09  Wales  Scotland /  England  Ireland
1909-10  Wales  Ireland  Scotland /  England
1910-11  Scotland  Wales  England  Ireland
1911-12  England  Scotland  Wales  Ireland
1912-13  Scotland  England  Wales  Ireland
1913-14  Wales  Ireland  England  Scotland
1920  Wales  Ireland /  Scotland  England
1921  Scotland  Wales  Ireland  England
1922  Wales /  Ireland  Scotland  England
1923  Ireland  Wales  England  Scotland
1924  Scotland  Wales  England /  Ireland
1925*  Scotland  Wales  England  Ireland
1926  England  Scotland  Ireland /  Wales
1927  Scotland  Ireland /  England /  Wales
1928  Ireland  Scotland  England /  Wales
1929  Scotland  Wales  Ireland  England
1930  England  Wales  Scotland  Ireland
1931  Scotland  Wales  England /  Ireland
1932  Scotland  England  Wales  Ireland
1933  Wales  Scotland  England /  Ireland
1934  England /  Ireland  Scotland  Wales
1934-35  Scotland /  Wales  England /  Northern Ireland
1935-36  Scotland  Wales  Northern Ireland  England
1936-37  Scotland  Wales  England  Northern Ireland
1937-38  Northern Ireland  Wales  Scotland  England
1938-39  Scotland  Wales  England  Northern Ireland
1946-47  England  Scotland  Wales  Northern Ireland

*World Cup qualifying

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