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The Bolivarian Games (Spanish: Juegos Bolivarianos, full name Juegos Deportivos Bolivarianos) are a regional multi-sport event held in honor of Simón Bolívar, and organized by the Bolivarian Sports Organization (Organización Deportiva Bolivariana, ODEBO). The event is open to athletes from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

History[edit | edit source]

The first Games were held in 1938 in Bogotá, Colombia for the city's 400th anniversary since then, it has been held in unregular intervals until it folded in 1977.

Editions[edit | edit source]

Year Games Host City Host Country Opened by Dates Nations Events Top medalling
1938 I Bogotá Flag of Colombia Colombia Alfonso López Pumarejo 6–22 August 6 Flag of Peru Peru
1948 II Lima Flag of Peru Peru José Luís Bustamante y Rivero 25 December – 8 January 6 Flag of Peru Peru
1951 III Caracas Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Germán Suárez Flamerich 5–21 December 6 Flag of Peru Peru
1961 IV Barranquilla Flag of Colombia Colombia Alberto Lleras Camargo 3-16 December 5 Flag of Venezuela Venezuela

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