1962 Intercontinental Cup

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1962 Intercontinental Cup
Event Intercontinental Cup
Wolverhampton Wanderers won 3–1 on points
First leg
Date 19 September 1962 (1962-09-19)
Venue Estádio General Severiano, Rio
Second leg
Date 11 October 1962 (1962-10-11)
Venue Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton

The 1962 Intercontinental Cup was the third edition of the matchup between the reigning European football champion and the reigning South American football champion. The 1962 edition saw Brazilian club Botafogo take on Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wolverhampton Wanderers qualified through to the Intercontinental Cup by taking out the 1961–62 European Cup title after they had defeated Dutch club Feyenoord in the final 2–0. The opponents was Brazilian club Botafogo who took home the 1961 Copa Libertadores title after they defeated Uruguayan club Nacional in two legs by a score of 4-0.

Match details[edit | edit source]

First leg[edit | edit source]

September 19, 1962
Botafogo Brazil 1–1 United Kingdom Wolverhampton Wanderers
Didi Goal 42' (pen.) Pegg Goal 79'
Estádio General Severiano, Rio de Janeiro
Referee: Rubén Cabrera (Paraguay)

Second leg[edit | edit source]

October 10, 1962
Wolverhampton Wanderers United Kingdom 3–2 Brazil Botafogo
Flowers Goal 12'
Hinton Goal 40'
McParland Goal 87'
Garrincha Goal 51'80'
Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton
Referee: Pierre Schwinte (France)

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