1959–60 European Cup

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1959–60 European Cup

Hampden Park in Glasgow hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates 26 August 1959 – 18 May 1960
Teams 27
Final positions
Champions Hungary Budpest Honvéd (1st title)
Runners-up Romania Petrolul Ploiesti
Tournament statistics
Matches played 52

The 1959–60 European Cup was the fifth edition of the European Cup, an continental club tournament that was held across Europe. This was the last edition of the European Cup to feature teams from the three British Isle nations before only one spot became available due to the British Football League.

27 teams competed in the knockout competition with Stade de Reims and the leagues that made the semifinalists in the previous edition automatically going through to the first round. The remaining 22 teams competed in a preliminary round to fill the remaining spots in the draw. In the final it was Budpest Honvéd that took out their first European title on their third final attempt as they defeated Romanian club Petrolul Ploiesti 3-0 in the final.

Background[edit | edit source]

The European Cup is a club competition that was form for the 1955-56 season. It was during that season where the format of a knockout competition between clubs was born with the league winners of each nation being sent to compete in the competition.

This season saw the first time that two French teams that was competing in the competition with Stade de Reims being the defending champions while OGC Nice was the French representative. This was also the last edition that the English, Scottish and Northern Irish teams was separate as starting from 1960–61, they would be united into one team as Great Britain.

Preliminary Round[edit | edit source]

The preliminary round draw of the 1959–60 edition took place on the 6 July 1959 at Cernobbio, Italy. As holders of the trophy, Stade de Reims received a bye from the preliminary round with the remaining 26 teams being separated into two groups with the next best nations on the lists all receiving byes into the first round of competition.

Pot 1
Northern Europe
Pot 2
Southern Europe

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland
West Germany
East Germany



Portugal FC Porto

Bulgaria CSKA Sofia

Denmark Kjøbenhavns Boldklub

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan

The calendar was decided by the involved teams, with all matches to be played by 30 September.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nice France 4–2 Republic of Ireland Shamrock Rovers 3–0 1–2
Karl-Marx-Stadt East Germany 4–0 Finland RU-38 Pori 1–0 3–0
BSC Young Boys Switzerland 3–6 Spain Barcelona 1–3 2–3
Wiener Sportclub Austria 2–3 Romania Petrolul Ploiești 0–2 2–1
Glentoran Northern Ireland 1–8 Sweden IFK Norrköping 1–3 0–5
Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg 6–2 Poland Górnik Zabrze 4–0 2–2
Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia 2–1 Netherlands Rotterdam 1–1 1–0
Olympiacos Greece 2–4 Italy Fiorentina 0–2 2–2
Fenerbahçe Turkey 3–4 Hungary Budpest Honvéd 0–2 3–2
Hearts Scotland 5–4 Belgium Liege 4–3 1–1
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany 3–1 England Tottenham Hotspur 2–0 1–1

First round[edit | edit source]

The eleven winners from the preliminary round was joined by the five teams that got the automatic bye from making the semi-finals in the previous season.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Stade de Reims France 8–1 Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch 5–0 3–1
Kjøbenhavns Boldklub Denmark 0–2 Romania Petrolul Ploiești 0–0 0–2
IFK Norrköping Sweden 3–1 Portugal Porto 1–1 2–0
Fiorentina Italy 1–11 Spain Barcelona 0–0 1–1
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 4–1 East Germany Karl-Marx-Stadt 2–0 2–1
Hearts Scotland 3–4 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava 2–2 1–2
Partizan Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1–2 West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 0–2 1–0
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 4–1 France Nice 1–0 3–1

1 FC Barcelona won 2–0 in a play-off to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Quarter-finals[edit | edit source]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 3–1 France Stade de Reims 2–1 1–0
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany 0–5 Spain Barcelona 0–2 0–3
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 2–5 Romania Petrolul Ploiești 2–2 0–3
IFK Norrköping Sweden 1–2 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava 1–0 0–2

First leg[edit | edit source]

4 February 1960
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 2–1 France Stade de Reims
Tichy Goal 27'
Bozsik Goal 78'
Fontaine Goal 19'
Referee: Abel da Costa (Portugal)

10 February 1960
Eintracht Frankfurt West Germany 0–2 Spain Barcelona
KocsisGoal 12'39'
Referee: Gérard Versyp (Belgium)

3 March 1960
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 2–2 Romania Petrolul Ploiești
RakarovGoal 19'
GaidarovGoal 72'
DrideaGoal 69'
MunteanuGoal 89'
Referee: Albert Guinnard (Switzerland)

9 March 1960
IFK Norrköping Sweden 1–0 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava
JonssonGoal 21'
Referee: John Kelly (Great Britain)

Second leg[edit | edit source]

2 March 1960
Stade de Reims France 0–1 Hungary Budpest Honvéd
TichyGoal 41'
Referee: Eduardo Rosa Gouveia (Portugal)

Budapest Honvéd FC won 3-1 on aggregate

2 March 1960
Barcelona Spain 3–0 West Germany Eintracht Frankfurt
KocsisGoal 22'64'70'
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Attendance: 65,000
Referee: Lucien Van Nuffel (Belgium)

FC Barcelona won 5-0 on aggregate

16 March 1960
Petrolul Ploiești Romania 3–0 Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
BaboneGoal 19'57'
BadeaGoal 42'
Stadionul Petrolul, Ploiești
Attendance: 23,000
Referee: Dittmar Huber (Switzerland)

Petrolul Ploiești won 5-2 on aggregate'

16 March 1960
Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia 2–0 Sweden IFK Norrköping
DolinskyGoal 23'
GajdošGoal 63'
Referee: Kevin Howley (Great Britain)

Cervena Hviezda Bratislava won 2-1 on aggregate

Semi-finals[edit | edit source]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 4–3 Spain Barcelona 2–1 2–2
Petrolul Ploiești Romania 3–2 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava 1–1 2–1

First leg[edit | edit source]

13 April 1960
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 2–1 Spain Barcelona
BozsikGoal 6'76' KubalaGoal 83'
Referee: Gösta Lindberg (Sweden)

21 April 1960
Petrolul Ploiești Romania 1–1 Czechoslovakia Cervena Hviezda Bratislava
BaboneGoal 48' CimraGoal 23'
Stadionul Petrolul, Ploiești
Attendance: 24,000
Referee: Reginald Leafe (England)

Second leg[edit | edit source]

27 April 1960
Cervena Hviezda Bratislava Czechoslovakia 1–2 Romania Petrolul Ploiești
WeissGoal 89' NeacsuGoal 60'
DrideaGoal 65'
Referee: Arthur Edward Ellis (England)

5 May 1960
Barcelona Spain 2–2 Hungary Budpest Honvéd
SuárezGoal 29'
CziborGoal 66'
GilliczGoal 25'
BudaiGoal 80'
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Attendance: 64,000
Referee: Bertil Lööw (Sweden)

Final[edit | edit source]

Main article: 1960 European Cup Final
18 May 1960
19:30 BST
Budpest Honvéd Hungary 3–0 Romania Petrolul Ploiesti
TichyGoal 41'53'
SoltiGoal 83'
Hampden Park, Glasgow
Attendance: 127,621
Referee: Jack Mowat (Scotland)

Topscorers[edit | edit source]

6 goals

5 goals

4 goals

3 goals

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