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The 1956 Winter Olympics, officially known as the VII Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956, was a multi-sport event held in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, from 26 January to 5 February 1956.

Cortina, which had originally been awarded the 1944 Winter Olympics, beat out Montreal, Colorado Springs and Lake Placid for the right to host the 1956 Games. The Cortina Games were unique in that many of the venues were within walking distance of each other.

Events[edit | edit source]

Medals were awarded in 24 events contested in 4 sports (8 disciplines). The programme for the 1956 Winter Games saw two new events added to the four sports and twenty-two events from the 1952 Olympics, namely the men's 30 kilometre cross-country ski race and the women's 3x5 kilometre cross-country relay race.

Venues[edit | edit source]

Venue Sports Capacity
Apollonio Stadium Ice hockey 2,000
Pista Olimpica di Bob - Eugenio Monti Bobsleigh 4,650
La pista di Misurina Speed skating 8,550
Stadio Olimpico Del Ghiaccio Figure skating, Ice hockey (final) 12,042
Lo Stadio della neve Nordic combined, Cross-country skiing 9,650
Mount Faloria (Ilio Colli Run) Alpine skiing (men's giant slalom) 7,920
Mount Tofana di Mezzo (Olimpia run) Alpine skiing (men's downhill) 9,830
Mount Tofana di Mezzo (Canalone run) Alpine skiing (women's downhill), (women's giant slalom) 6,760
Col Drusciè (A run) Alpine skiing (men's slalom), (women's slalom) 12,080 (men), 6,760 (women)
Trampolino Olimpico Italia Ski jumping, Nordic combined (ski jumping) 46,152

Participating nations[edit | edit source]

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal winners[edit | edit source]

Alpine skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's downhill Austria Toni Sailer Austria Anderl Molterer Switzerland Raymond Fellay
Women's downhill Norway Borghild Niskin Austria Josefine Frandl Canada Lucille Wheeler
Men's slalom Austria Toni Sailer Switzerland Georges Schneider Italy Gerald Pasquier
Women's slalom Switzerland Renée Colliard Soviet Union Yevgeniya Sidorova Austria Regina Schöpf
Men's giant slalom Austria Toni Sailer Norway Asle Sjastad Sweden Stig Sollander
Women's giant slalom Germany Ossi Reichert Austria Putzi Frandl Soviet Union Aleksandra Artamenko
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Two-man Flag of Italy Italy Flag of United States United States Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Four-man Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Italy Italy Flag of Austria Austria
Cross-country skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's 15 km Finland Veikko Hakulinen Sweden Lennart Larsson Soviet Union Pavel Kolchin
Men's 30 km Finland Veikko Hakulinen Finland Olavi Latsa Sweden Sixten Jernberg
Men's 50 km Sweden Sixten Jernberg Norway Martin Stokken Soviet Union Pavel Kolchin
Men's 4x10 relay Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Norway Norway
Women's 10 km Soviet Union Lyubov Kozyreva Sweden Sonja Edström Soviet Union Radya Yeroshina
Women's 3x5 relay Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Finland Finland
Figure skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles United States Hayes Allan Jenkins United States Ronnie Robertson France Alain Giletti
Ladies singles United States Tenley Albright Sweden Alice Lundström Austria Ingrid Wendl
Pairs Austria Elisabeth Schwarz/Kurt Oppelt Canada Frances Dafoe/Norris Bowden Austria Elisabeth Elland/Konrad Lienert
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team  Soviet Union  United States  Canada
Nordic combined
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Sverre Stenersen Norway Tormod Knutsen Norway Arne Barhaugen
Ski jumping
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Finland Antti Hyvärinen Sweden Sven Petterson Finland Eino Kirjonen
Speed Skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
500 metres Soviet Union Yevgeny Grishin Soviet Union Rafayel Grach Norway Alv Gjestvang
1500 metres Soviet Union Yuri Mikhailov Soviet Union Yevgeny Grishin Sweden Sigvard Ericsson
5000 metres Soviet Union Boris Shilkov Norway Roald Aas Soviet Union Oleg Goncharenko
10 000 metres Sweden Sigvard Ericsson Norway Knut Johannesen Soviet Union Oleg Goncharenko

Medal count[edit | edit source]

  *   Host nation (Italy)

1 Soviet Union73616
2 Austria43411
3 Finland3227
4 Norway25310
6 United States2305
7 Switzerland2125
8 Italy*1113
9 United Team of Germany1001
10 Canada0123
11 France0011
Totals (11 nations)24242472

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