1952 Winter Olympics

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The 1952 Winter Olympics, officially known as the VI Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Oslo 1952, was a winter multi-sport event held from 14 to 25 February 1952 in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The 1952 Winter Games attracted 694 athletes representing 30 countries, who participated in four sports and 22 events. Japan and Germany made their returns to Winter Olympic competition after being forced to miss the 1948 Games in the aftermath of World War II. Germany was represented solely by West German athletes after East Germany declined to compete as a unified team. Portugal and New Zealand made their Winter Olympic debuts, and women were allowed to compete in cross-country skiing for the first time.

Events[edit | edit source]

Medals were awarded in 22 events contested in four sports (eight disciplines).

Venues[edit | edit source]

Competition venues
Venue Location Sport(s) Capacity
Bislett stadion Oslo Bandy, figure skating, speed skating
Dælenenga idrettspark Oslo Bandy, ice hockey
Holmenkollbakken Oslo Cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping
Jordal Amfi Oslo Ice hockey
Kadettangen Bærum Ice hockey
Korketrekkeren Oslo Bobsleigh
Lillestrøm stadion Skedsmo Ice hockey
Marienlyst stadion Drammen Ice hockey
Norefjell Krødsherad Downhill, giant slalom
Rødkleiva Oslo Slalom

Participating nations[edit | edit source]

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal winners[edit | edit source]

Alpine skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's downhill France Henri Oreiller Italy Zeno Colò Austria Christian Pravda
Women's downhill Austria Trude Jochum-Beiser Norway Margit Hvammen Germany Annemarie Buchner
Men's giant slalom France James Couttet France Henri Oreiller Austria Christian Pravda
Women's giant slalom United States Andrea Mead Lawrence Italy Celina Seghi Germany Annemarie Buchner
Men's slalom Norway Stein Eriksen France James Couttet Austria Othmar Schneider
Women's slalom United States Andrea Mead Lawrence Sweden Sarah Thomasson Germany Ossi Reichert
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Two-man Flag of Germany Germany Flag of United States United States Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Four-man Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of United States United States
Cross-country skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Women's 10 km Finland Lydia Wideman Finland Myrja Hietamies Finland Siiri Rantanen
Men's 18 km Norway Martin Stokken Norway Hallgeir Brenden Canada Claude Lavoie Richer
Men's 50 km Finland Veikko Hakulinen Norway Magnar Estenstad Finland Kalevi Mononen
Men's 4x10 relay Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Sweden Sweden
Figure skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Finland Kalle Tuulos Italy Carlo Fassi United States Hayes Allan Jenkins
Ladies singles United States Tenley Albright France Jacqueline du Bief United Kingdom Jeanette Altwegg
Pairs Germany Ria Falk/Paul Falk United States Karol Kennedy/Peter Kennedy United States Janet Gerhauser/John Nightingale
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team  Canada  United States  Sweden
Nordic combined
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Per Gjelten Finland Heikki Hasu Austria Hans Eder
Ski jumping
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Arnfinn Bergmann Poland Antoni Wieczorek Sweden Karl Holmström
Speed Skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
500 metres Finland Toivo Salonen Norway Finn Helgesen United States Ken Henry
1500 metres Norway Hjalmar Andersen Netherlands Wim Van der Voort Norway Roald Aas
5000 metres Norway Hjalmar Andersen Netherlands Kees Broekman Norway Sverre Haugli
10 000 metres Norway Hjalmar Andersen Sweden Carl-Erik Asplund Netherlands Kees Broekman

Medal count[edit | edit source]

  *   Host nation (Norway)

1 Norway*84214
2 Finland4329
3 United States33410
4 Germany3036
5 France2305
6 Austria1045
7 Canada1012
8 Italy0303
9 Sweden0235
10 Netherlands0213
11 Switzerland0112
12 Poland0101
13 Great Britain0011
Totals (13 nations)22222266

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