1936 Winter Olympics

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The 1936 Winter Olympics, officially known as the IV Olympic Winter Games (German: IV. Olympische Winterspiele) and commonly known as Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936, were a winter multi-sport event held from 6 to 16 February 1936 in the market town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany. The country also hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics, which were held in Hambourg.

Events[edit | edit source]

Medals were awarded in 17 events contested in 4 sports (8 disciplines).

Venues[edit | edit source]

  • Große Olympiaschanze – Cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and Ski Jumping.
  • Gudiberg – Alpine skiing (combined – slalom)
  • Kreuzjoch – Alpine skiing (combined – downhill)
  • Kreuzeck – Alpine skiing (downhill finish line)
  • Olympia-Kunsteisstadion – Figure skating and Ice hockey
  • Riessersee and surrounding areas – Bobsleigh, Ice hockey, and Speed skating

Nations[edit | edit source]

28 nations sent athletes to compete in Germany. Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, Liechtenstein, Spain, and Turkey all made their Winter Olympic debut in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Yugoslavia all returned to the Games after having missed the 1932 Winter Olympics.

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal winners[edit | edit source]

Alpine skiing
Event Gold 'Silver Bronze
Men's combined Germany Franz Pfnür France Emile Allais Germany Gustav Lantschner
Women's combined Germany Lisa Resch Germany Käthe Grasseger Norway Laila Schou Nilsen
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Two-man Flag of United States United States Flag of Austria Austria Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Four-man Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of United States United States
Cross-country skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
18 km Finland Pekka Niemi Sweden Erik August Larsson Norway Odbjorn Haggen
50 km Sweden Ellis Wiklund Sweden Axel Wikström Sweden Nils-Joel Englund
4x10 relay Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Germany Germany
Figure skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Austria Karl Schäfer Germany Ernst Baier Austria Leopold Linhart
Ladies singles Norway Sonja Henie Sweden Vivi-Anne Hultén Switzerland Angela Anderes
Pairs Germany Maxi Herber/Ernst Baier France Andrée Brunet/Pierre Brunet Austria Ilse Pausin/Erik Pausin
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team  Canada  Great Britain  United States
Nordic combined
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Oddbjorn Haggen Norway Olaf Hoffsbakken Norway Bernt Osterkloft
Ski jumping
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Birger Ruud Sweden Sven Eriksson Norway Reidar Andersen
Speed Skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
500 metres Norway Ivar Ballangrud Finland Birger Wasenius Canada Thomas White
1500 metres Finland Birger Wasenius Norway Charles Mathiesen Norway Ivar Ballangrud
5000 metres Norway Ivar Ballangrud Finland Antero Ojala United States Eddie Schroeder
10 000 metres Norway Ivar Ballangrud Austria Max Stiepl Finland Birger Wasenius

Medal count[edit | edit source]

  *   Host nation (Germany)

1 Norway63514
2 Germany*4228
3 Sweden2417
4 Finland2215
5 Austria1225
6 United States1034
7 Canada1012
8 France0202
9 Switzerland0123
10 Great Britain0101
Totals (10 nations)17171751

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