1928 Winter Olympics

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The 1928 Winter Olympics, officially known as the II Olympic Winter Games (French: IIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver; German: II. Olympische Winterspiele; Italian: II Giochi olimpici invernali; Romansh: II Gieus olimpics d'enviern) and commonly known as St. Moritz 1928 (French: Saint-Moritz 1928; Romansh: San Murezzan 1928), was an international winter multi-sport event that was celebrated from 11 to 19 February 1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

The 1928 Games were the first true Winter Olympic to be held as a stand-alone event, not in conjunction with a Summer Olympics. The preceding 1924 Winter Games were retroactively renamed the inaugural Winter Olympics, although they had in fact been organised alongside the 1924 Summer Olympics in France. Before 1924, the winter events were included in the schedule of the Summer Games and there were no separate Winter Games.

Events[edit | edit source]

Medals were awarded in 14 events contested in 4 sports (8 disciplines).*Bobsleigh

Venues[edit | edit source]

Participating Nations[edit | edit source]

Athletes from 25 nations competed at these Games, up from 16 in 1924.

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal Winners[edit | edit source]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Five-man Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of United States United States Flag of Austria Austria
Cross-country skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
18 km Norway Johan Grottumsbraten Germany Hans Baueur Sweden Per-Erik Hedlund
50 km Norway Ole Hegge Sweden Per-Erik Hedlund Czechoslovakia Jozef Nemecky
Figure skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Sweden Gillis Grafström Austria Karl Schäffer France Pierre Brunet
Ladies singles Canada Cecil Smith Norway Sonja Henie France Andrée Joly
Pairs France Andrée Joly/Pierre Brunet Austria Fritza Burger/Willy Böckl Switzerland Elvira Barbey/Louis Barbey
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team  Canada  Sweden  Austria
Nordic combined
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Johan Grottumsbraten Sweden Per-Erik Hedlund Norway Ole Hegge
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual United States Jennison Heaton Switzerland Alexander Berner United States John Heaton

Ski jumping
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual Norway Alf Andersen France Martial Payot Norway Sigmund Ruud
Speed Skating
Event Gold Silver Bronze
500 metres Norway Bernt Evensen Finland Class Thunberg Sweden Gustaf Anderson
United States John Farell
1500 metres Finland Julius Skutnabb Norway Bernt Evensen Norway Roald Larsen
5000 metres Finland Class Thunberg Norway Ivar Ballangrud Finland Jaako Friman
10 000 metres Norway Ivar Ballangrud Finland Julius Skutnabb Norway Bernt Evensen

Medal count[edit | edit source]

  *   Host nation (Switzerland)

1 Norway63413
2 Finland2215
3 Canada2002
4 Sweden1326
5 France1124
 United States1124
7 Switzerland*1113
8 Austria0224
9 Germany0101
10 Czechoslovakia0011
Totals (10 nations)14141543

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