1914 FIFA World Cup

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1914 FIFA World Cup
Tournament details
Host country England
Dates April 5-25
Teams 16 (from 2 confederations)
Venue(s) 6 (in London, Manchester, Brighton, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Nottingham host cities)
Final positions
Champions  Denmark (1st title)
Runners-up  England
Third place  Italy
Fourth place  Belgium
Tournament statistics
Matches played 32
Goals scored 95 (2.97 per match)
Top scorer(s) Denmark Sophus Nielsen
Netherlands Jan Vos (7 goals)

The 1914 FIFA World Cup was the third edition of the FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial football tournament for men's senior national teams. It was held in England from April 5 to 25, 1914 as it would be the last tournament before the first World War took place. Sixteen teams competed in the tournament which saw an increase to sixteen teams from fifteen in the previous edition.

The format of the tournament changed back to the group stage format that was successful in 1906 with the sixteen teams being grouped in four groups of four teams with the top two teams qualifying through to the knockout stage. The final saw Denmark upset England in the final in what some news outlets called the biggest boil-over in World Cup history with two goals in extra time securing Denmark their first (and to date only) major title.

Background[edit | edit source]

After the failure of the 1910 FIFA World Cup, FIFA elected to go back to the group stage format that had been successful in the 1906 edition. The hosting duties would then go to England who was the founding nation of modern football. The competition would have 16 teams competing in the World Cup for the first time which they would be split into four groups of four, with the top two going through to the knockout stage.

Qualification[edit | edit source]

For the first time in history, qualification had to be used to determent who would qualify through to the World Cup as the 20 teams that joined FIFA tried to qualify through to the World Cup. The top 12 teams automatically went through to the World Cup while the bottom four teams had to enter playoffs for the renaming four spots. The four teams to qualify were Scotland, Norway, Chile and Italy. For Chile and Italy, this would be the debut World Cup tournament for those teams.

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

5 December 1913
Scotland  1-0  Wales
Mercer Goal 68'
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Attendance: 10,000

2 December 1913
Norway  2-2  Finland
Aas Goal 49'60' Öhman Goal 17'
Wiberg Goal 33'

9 December 1913
Finland  0-1  Norway
Andersen Goal 66'

7 December 1913
Russia  1-2  Chile
Vorontsov Goal 23' Salazar Goal 39'56'

8 December 1913
Italy  7-0  Luxembourg
Berardo Goal 5'23'77'
Rampini Goal 44'61'
Milano Goal 12'
De Vecchi Goal 39'

Group Stage[edit | edit source]

Group A[edit | edit source]

The first match of the 1914 FIFA World Cup was held in Group A with hosts England taking on Sweden in London. For the English, they would get off to a good start with the Harold Fleming scoring a hat-trick and Edwin Latherton chipping in with a goal for himself. These goals would bring England a 4-2 victory on the opening day. The other match on the opening day, saw debutantes Chile took on Switzerland at Manchester. Goals from Pierre Collet and Paul Wyss gave the Swiss the victory by a score of 2-0.

The following matchday, England and Switzerland both booked their spot into the quarter-finals with comfortable wins. At Brighton, George Holley and Latheron each scored two goals in a 4-0 result over the South Americans in Chile. At Middlesbrough, Switzerland had a tougher time against Sweden with Erik Börjesson leveling the scores at 1-1 after Paul Wyss scored the opener for Switzerland. Switzerland would eventually get the victory in the 56th minute from a Ernst Weiss goal to give Switzerland a 2-1 result.

The deciding match for Group A ended in a goal from Fleming which gave the English, top spot in the group. For Switzerland though, it was a matter of what if's with chances being missed during the match. In the dead-rubber, Sweden recorded a 3-0 over Chile in Nottingham. Goals coming from Karl Bergström, Iwar Swensson and Gustav Sandberg as Chile created history by being the worst team at the World Cup in history (until 1950) with a goal difference of negative nine.[1]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GAv Pts
 England 3 3 0 0 9 2 4.5 6
  Switzerland 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 4
 Sweden 3 1 0 2 6 6 1 2
 Chile 3 0 0 3 0 9 0 0
5 April 1914
England  4-2  Sweden
Fleming Goal 12'34'78'
Latheron Goal 45'
Carlsson Goal 59'
Bergström Goal 89'

5 April 1914
Switzerland   2-0  Chile
Collet Goal 38'
Wyss Goal 75'

9 April 1914
Chile  0-4  England
Holley Goal 25'84'
Latherton Goal 44'75'

9 April 1914
Sweden  1-2   Switzerland
Börjesson Goal 25' Wyss Goal 4'
Weiss Goal 56'

13 April 1914
England  1-0   Switzerland
Fleming Goal 75'

13 April 1914
Chile  0-3  Sweden
Bergström Goal 11'
Swensson Goal 41'
Sandberg Goal 74'

Group B[edit | edit source]

Group B featured the runner-up from the previous World Cup in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary and Scotland. The opening matches on the 6 April saw the first draws of the World Cup with the draws being played in Brighton and Middlesbrough. For Belgium, their tournament would see one less player with Fernand Nisot shoulder ending his tournament as he had come off the pitch. In Middlesbrough, Denmark and Scotland played out a 1-1 draw with both goals being scored in the second half of the match.

The following match-day four days later saw the debutant in Mathieu Bragard score the winning goal for Belgium against the Scots after Belgium fell behind twice in the match before eventually going to win 3-2 in Liverpool. The other match which was held in Nottingham saw two second half goals from Sven Knudsen (47th minute) and Emil Jørgensen (58th minute) to put Denmark on top of the table with one set of matches to go.

The deciding match of Group B saw Denmark and Belgium meet in London to see who would finish top of the group. The first half was a tight tussle which eventually would break in the 36th minute with Jan Van Cant scored the opening goal for Belgium. For Belgium, this meant they had the lead heading into the second half. It wouldn't be until the 70th minute of the match before their was a chance of score with Sophus Nielsen scoring his third for the tournament to tie the match at one all. Despite a couple of chances for a winner, the match would end in a draw and for Denmark, they would take top spot in the group. The dead rubber match saw Scotland get a shaky 1-0 win over the Hungarians.[1]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GAv Pts
 Denmark 3 1 2 0 4 2 2 4
 Belgium 3 1 2 0 4 3 1.33 4
 Scotland 3 1 1 1 4 4 1 3
 Hungary 3 0 1 2 0 3 0 1
6 April 1914
Belgium  0-0  Hungary

6 April 1914
Denmark  1-1  Scotland
Nielsen Goal 72' Donnachie Goal 66'

10 April 1914
Scotland  2-3  Belgium
Donnachie Goal 17'
Wilson Goal 48'
Brébart Goal 33'
Suetens Goal 61'
Bragard Goal 76'

10 April 1914
Hungary  0-2  Denmark
Knudsen Goal 47'
Jørgensen Goal 58'

14 April 1914
Denmark  1-1  Belgium
Nielsen Goal 70' Van Cant Goal 36'

14 April 1914
Hungary  0-1  Scotland
McMenemy Goal 44'

Group C[edit | edit source]

In Group C, the first upset of the tournament occurred when Germany defeated Austria by a single goal. That goal coming from the 88th minute of the match with Richard Queck being the player to give Germany the win. The other match on the opening match-day saw a replay of the 1912 Summer Olympics gold medal match between the Netherlands and Norway. Much like the Olympics, the Dutch dominated the match with the result ending 5-0 in favor of the Netherlands. Jan Vos would also created history by being the first striker to score four goals in a World Cup match. Felix von Heijden wrapping up with a goal of his own in the demolition.

Norway did strike back in the next game of the group. This time against Austria in Manchester. Goals from Jonas Aas, Kaare Engebretsen and Erling Maartmann gave Norway a 3-1 win. While in London, Netherlands continued their devastating run in the cup with a four goal win over the Germans. The main culprit being that man Vos who scored his second hat-trick of the tournament and put him easily leading the tournament in goals.

In the deciding match of Group C, Norway was the team to go through with the Netherlands to the quarters after two goals from Erling Maartmann secured a 3-0 win and a spot in the quarter-finals. The Netherlands made it a clean sweep in the group stage after a 2-1 win over Austria. But a weaken lineup was almost their downfall when Angelo Mattea scored the opener for Austria. But two late goals in the last fifteen minutes made the Dutch more comfortable.[1]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GAv Pts
 Netherlands 3 3 0 0 11 1 11 6
 Norway 3 2 0 1 6 6 1 4
 Germany 3 1 0 2 1 7 0.14 2
 Austria 3 0 0 3 2 6 0.33 0
7 April 1914
Austria  0-1  Germany
Queck Goal 88'

7 April 1914
Netherlands  5-0  Norway
Vos Goal 11'36'73'77'
von Heijden Goal 85'

11 April 1914
Norway  3-1  Austria
Aas Goal 23'
Engebretsen Goal 40'
Maartmann Goal 66'
Merz Goal 55'

11 April 1914
Germany  0-4  Netherlands
Vos Goal 33'55'78'
Boschart Goal 62'

15 April 1914
Norway  3-0  Germany
Maartmann Goal 23'41'
Engebretsen Goal 62'

15 April 1914
Austria  1-2  Netherlands
Mattea Goal 14' Buitenweg Goal 79'
Boutmy Goal 86'

Group D[edit | edit source]

Group D was the last group for the 1914 cup. This group featured debutantes Italy alongside France, Argentina and Ireland. The opening match of the group saw the French who weren't expecting to get out of the group cause an upset over Argentina in London. The winning goal coming from Charles Géronimi in the 56th minute of the match. Italy played their first World Cup match against Ireland in Manchester. For the Italians, goals from Felice Berardo and Renzo De Vecchi securing Italy the win. This was despite a late goal from Samuel Young in the 81st minute.

France continued to dominate the group, with a 4-1 win over the Irish at Middlesbrough. An hat-trick from Gaston Barreau (the fourth for the tournament) which included company from Étienne Jourde who scored the other goal in the victory. In Brighton, Italy scraped to 1-1 draw against Argentina after a 89th minute equalizer from Francisco Olazar secured the draw against Argentina. For Argentina, they needed to win against the Irish to keep themselves in the hunt.

With Argentina hoping that luck would come their way, got their part done with a win against the Irish in Nottingham. The goal scorers (Alberto Ohaco and Juan Enrique Hayes) in a 2-0 victory. But Italy would go on to defeat France to not only knock out Argentina. But they also would get top spot in Group D. The goals coming from De Vecchi, Aldo Cevenini and Carlo Corna in the 3-0 win. France still qualified as they finished second in the group.[1]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GAv Pts
 Italy 3 2 1 0 6 2 3 5
 France 3 2 0 1 5 4 1.25 4
 Argentina 3 1 1 1 3 2 1.5 3
 Ireland 3 0 0 3 2 8 0.25 0
8 April 1914
Argentina  0-1  France
Géronimi Goal 56'

8 April 1914
Ireland  1-2  Italy
Young Goal 81' Berardo Goal 33'
De Vecchi Goal 51'

12 April 1914
France  4-1  Ireland
Barreau Goal 11'19'38'
Jourde Goal 70'
Gillespie Goal 60'

12 April 1914
Italy  1-1  Argentina
Olazar Goal 89' Dannaher Goal 22'

16 April 1914
Argentina  2-0  Ireland
Ohaco Goal 33'
Hayes Goal 54'

16 April 1914
Italy  3-0  France
De Vecchi Goal 13'
Cevenini Goal 31'
Corna Goal 65'

Knockout Stage[edit | edit source]

18 April - London
21 April - Birmingham
19 April - Manchester
25 April - London
 Belgium (aet)1
18 April - Birmingham
 Denmark (aet)4
22 April - Manchester
19 April - Midlesbrough
 Italy2 Third place
24 April - Middlesbrough

Quarter-finals[edit | edit source]

The final eight teams met in the knockout stage of the competition. The opening quarter-final was between border nations England and France in what at the time was the biggest crowd in the tournament so far with 77,000 coming to London. In what was an interesting affair, it would be the hosts that book their third consecutive semi-final appearance in the World Cup as goals from Edwin Latherton and Billy Wedlock secured a 2-1 win.

The other match on the 18 April saw a replay of the semi final of the most recent Olympics played in Birmingham. Compared to that semi-final, this one was a high scoring affair with seven goals being scored. Four of them being in a span in twenty-five minutes. Despite a hat-trick from Rolf Maartmann, Norway would be knocked out of the tournament to a Nielsen hat-trick and a goal from Vilhelm Wolfhagen as Denmark won the match 4-3.

The following day saw the match between rivals Netherlands and Belgium at Manchester. In a close tussle, Belgian keeper Fernand Brichant was brilliant in goal against Vol and the Dutch who had scored 11 goals in the group stage. The game was tight until the 117th minute when a lapse in ply from the Dutch let Fernand Nisot score the winning goal to book Belgium a spot in the semi-finals. The last match in the quarter finals saw De Vecchi and Pietro Leone give Italy a spot in the semi-finals winning 2-1 over the Swiss in Middlesbrough, with both being scored in the second half.[2]

18 April 1914
England  2-1  France
Wedlock Goal 31'
Latherton Goal 76'
Dubly Goal 66'
Attendance: 77,000

18 April 1914
Denmark  4-3  Norway
Nielsen Goal 15'55'84'
Wolfhagen Goal 27'
Maartmann Goal 23'39'77'

19 April 1914
Netherlands  0-1 (a.e.t.)  Belgium
Nisot Goal 117'

19 April 1914
Italy  2-1   Switzerland
De Vecchi Goal 55'
Leone Goal 75'
Marki Goal 31'

Semi-finals[edit | edit source]

The opening semi-final between England and Belgium was a replay of the previous World Cup final. As the firm favorites heading into the match, the English would score the opening goal in the ninetieth minute of play with Dicky Bond scoring the opening goal of the game. Continuing to have possession, England almost doubled their lead with a shot from Fleming going wide as England held a one goal lead at the break. The second half was much like the first with England scoring a goal in the 54th minute from Stan Fazackerley to give the English a two goal lead. That would be the final result as missed opportunities from the Belgium strikers gave England their second World Cup final appearance.

The following day saw semi-final debutants Denmark and Italy met with the winner to qualify through to their first World Cup final. The first thirty minutes of the game saw both teams score a goal to keep the match level at the break. This was due to goals from Emil Jørgensen (15th minute) to give Denmark the lead before Carlo Corna responded in the 26th minute from an easy set-shot piece. The second half of the match saw Italy take the lead for the first time with Leone scoring a goal in the 58th minute. Nielsen though would respond back for the Danes to have it all level with 25 minutes to go. In the end, Denmark striker Oskar Nørland would score the winner for Denmark in the 84th minute to book a World Cup final spot for the Danes.[2]

21 April 1914
England  2-0  Belgium
Bond Goal 19'
Fazackerley Goal 54'

22 April 1914
Denmark  3-2  Italy
Jørgensen Goal 15'
Nielsen Goal 65'
Nørland Goal 84'
Corna Goal 29'
Leone Goal 58'

Third Place Playoff[edit | edit source]

The third place playoff was a brand new thing in World Cup with the previous tournaments not having a third place playoff. The match which was played one day before the final saw Italy take the win with a goal from Felice Berardo in the 48th minute giving third to Italy.[2]

24 April 1914
Belgium  0-1  Italy
Berardo Goal 48'

Final[edit | edit source]

Main article: 1914 FIFA World Cup Final

The final of the 1914 FIFA World Cup saw England meet Denmark in the final of the World Cup. For the English, this was their second WC final after appearing in the 1910 edition where they defeated Belgium. Denmark, on the other hand, was competing in the first WC final.

The match began at 15:00 with the English team showing their experience from the previous appearance. This was true with Harry Hampton only just missing their shot. Two minutes later, Bobby McNeal almost scored for the English, but his shot went over the bar to stay at nil all after fifteen minutes. In the 28th minute, Danish player Oskar Nørland would break the deadlock as a pass from Dé Kessler secured the shot and into a empty net after the goalkeeper attempted to chase Dé Kessler down. The silence of an English dominated crowd with the only noise being from the Danes who had travelled from Denmark.

At the start of the second half, the Danes almost had a second goal with Vilhelm Wolfhagen shot being saved by the keeper. Four minutes later in the 49th minute, Stan Fazackerley scored the equaliser with the crowd cheering on the English in hope of defending their title. That goal meant the game was all tied up with England and Denmark wanting to score the winning goal to take home the world cup for their nation. Though both defences tightened up and the determination with the only break of this determination being in the 77th mintue when Hampton gave England the lead and for the English dominated crowd, they thought that it was over and England the title.

Except that Denmark was still in the hunt and for the small Dane crowd, there was hope that they would level and nine minutes later, Nørland scored his second for the match as they had levelled the match with it going to extra time which meant another thirty minutes of the match. During extra time, it would be Denmark that took the match as they scored two goals from Dolf Van der Nagel (who was on debut) and Nielsen to give Denmark their first (and to date only) World Cup triumph.[2]

25 April 1914
England  2-4 (a.e.t.)  Denmark
Fazackerley Goal 49'
Hampton Goal 77'
Nørland Goal 28'86'
Van der Nagel Goal 103'
Nielsen Goal 115'
Attendance: 86,000
Referee: Ede Herczog (Hungary)

Goalscorers[edit | edit source]

7 goals

5 goals

4 goals

3 goals

2 goals

1 goal

Tournament team rankings[edit | edit source]

R Team G P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1  Denmark B 6 3 3 0 15 9 +6 9
2  England A 6 5 1 0 15 7 +8 11
3  Italy D 6 4 1 1 11 6 +5 9
4  Belgium B 6 1 3 2 5 6 −1 5
Eliminated in the quarter finals
5  Netherlands C 4 3 1 0 11 2 +9 6
6   Switzerland A 4 2 0 2 5 4 +1 4
7  France D 4 2 0 2 6 6 0 4
8  Norway C 4 2 0 2 9 10 −1 4
Eliminated in the group stage
9  Argentina C 3 1 1 1 3 2 +1 3
10  Scotland B 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 3
11  Sweden A 3 1 0 2 6 6 0 2
12  Germany C 3 1 0 2 1 7 −6 2
13  Hungary B 3 0 1 2 0 3 −3 1
14  Austria C 3 0 0 3 2 6 −4 0
15  Ireland D 3 0 0 3 2 8 −6 0
16  Chile A 3 0 0 3 0 9 −9 0

References[edit | edit source]

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