1904 Copa del Rey

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Copa del Rey
Season information
Winners Athletic Bilbao
Season statistics
Matches played 3
Goals scored 15
Average 5
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The Copa del Rey 1904 was the second edition of the Copa del Rey. It was played in 1904 in Madrid. Its chaotic development and the fact that Athletic Bilbao won the trophy without playing a game make this edition remarkable.

Originally, three teams were going to participate, one for each region. The newly formed Madrid Football Federation, who organized the competition for the first time (the previous tournament was organized by Madrid CF), invited Athletic Bilbao representing Biscay and Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona representing Catalonia. The team representing Madrid was going to be the winner of a preliminary round between Club Español de Madrid and Madrid-Moderno (a merger of Madrid CF and Moderno). Before the tournament, the Club Espanyol de Football de Barcelona, unhappy with the competition system, announced they would not go to Madrid. Two more teams from Madrid were admitted in the competition: Moncloa FC and Iberia de Madrid. The schedule was modified because of these changes.

The competition started on March 19, 1904 and concluded on March 27, 1903 with the Final, held at the Hipódromo in Madrid, in which Athletic Bilbao lifted the trophy for the second time after there were no teams appeared in the final.

Quarterfinals[edit | edit source]

March 13, 1904
Moncloa FC 2–0 Iberia de Madrid

March 19, 1904
Club Español de Madrid 1–3 Madrid-Moderno


Semifinal[edit | edit source]

March 27, 1904
Madrid-Moderno 2–0 Moncloa FC

Final[edit | edit source]

The final was supposed to be played between Madrid-Moderno and Athletic Bilbao. However, the other Madrid teams objected to this declaration: Madrid-Moderno had settled their two qualifiers against Club Español and Moncloa controversially.

Finally, the other clubs in Madrid (Club Español de Madrid, Moncloa, Iberia) decided that, since the final date was 26 March and no one had submitted to play it, the Athletic Club, as champions, was who should retain the title, and proclaimed the club as the winner of the Copa del Rey edition of 1904, although they did not play a single game of that tournament.

Copa del Rey 1904 Winners
Athletic Bilbao
2nd Title

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